Betty B

I was definitely not in good shape when I started training with Dave- mid-sixties, morbidly obese, extensive osteoarthritis. I have degenerated disc in my lower back and have had both knees replaced. My physical therapist recommended Dave when I asked for a trainer who could help me keep up with the exercises to protect my week back. It was the best thing ever happened to me.

When I started we did not discuss me weight. No rules or requirements to scare me off. Instead Dave started training me with weights and encourage me to do a little cardio. then he snuck up on me. "Did you eat breakfast?" "What did you have?" "Would you think about having this instead of that?" No yelling, no criticism, lots of compliments, encouragement, and gentle nudging.

Little by Little I got stronger and more flexible. I increased my cardio, I started to lose weight and I could do things I've never been able to do. Dave is very knowledgeable about exercise, nutrition, and how to put together a healthy lifestyle. He pays attention and treats each client as an individual. Together we setup an exercise program and a meal plan. It works very well to plan things out.

In the last 18 months I have lost 114 pounds. I am stronger and more flexible then I can remember ever being. My blood glucose is normal. My blood pressure is great and I no longer take any of the medications I was using to try to control it. My cholesterol is fantastic. All of this and I enjoy every minute of it! Thank You Mr. impact for giving me back my life Betty B

Remonta B

Months before I started Impact Training, I had met with a trainer. He asked me what I thought about working out?

My immediate answer was ď I hate working out, and I hate the gym.Ē I truly did hate both. I had tried going to the gym a few years before. I could not stand it.

For a while I was suffering from knee pain. At one point my knee was locked up while I was hiking and I could not even take another step. After an MRI and meetings with two doctors the diagnosis was having week muscles causing pressure on my femur and tibia. As a result, I was slowly losing the meniscus in my knee and would need to arthroscopic surgery to fix it.

Before I continue, let me first say that I do not like to be in unfamiliar situations and trying new things. I like to be in control, and the gym was not a place I could be anywhere close. Having my husband force me, I met with Dave with hesitation. For me it was a very hard step to take. None of my friends thought I would do it and thought even if I start I would quit. Not just my friends, but even I thought I would quit.

Couple of weeks after we met, having severe knee pain, I started the program. Dave constantly would check to make sure how I was doing and how my knee was doing. He encouraged me to start eating right. I was stubborn at times, and didnít want to do certain exercises and stretches. He would never force me. Instate he would say, ďjust give it a try. Iím sure you can do it.Ē And every time he was right. He is so patient, and calm. Every time we wanted to go heavier on the weights, he would encourage me and give me confidence that I can do it.

After three weeks of training, my knee was pain free. I felt that training twice a week wasnít enough. I wanted more. For me, someone who didnít want to start, Iím now in the gym six days a week. Dave truly opened my eyes to the importance of both strength training and cardio. Everyone around me is amazed at my consistency and dedication, all thanks to Dave. What even more amazing is that I am starting to see real definition and tone in my muscles.

Dave is a great motivator and knowledgeable as well as patient. If he can put up with me, he can put up with everybody.
Thank You